The 6 Skill Related Components of Fitness

Skill Related Components of Fitness

When it comes to related components of fitness, there is a variety of qualities required to maintaining a healthy body. One that has a high volume of skill related components of fitness is particularly more physical and active than those that may have a lower volume. The fitness term is broken down into skill components, which are essential performing elements that many of us use every day.

Everyone wants to or dreams of being fit, some people define being fit as having a sleek body, hourglass shape, or a muscular structure. However, fitness is not described through appearance. To amplify and improve levels of fitness one must first understand their levels and set goals to work on improving their health and skill related fitness components. The requirements consist of six skill-related components that enhance your ability to effectively partake in sports and activities. These essential components are, speed, hand-eye coordination, balance, power, agility and reaction time.



Speed-Is essential and plays a major role in sports and activities. It is the power to cover a distance in a short period of time. Generally short runs are utilized to review speed one’s progress. Speed does not typically consists only on how fast you can run, bicycle or swim, but is primarily on the acceleration on how fast one can move from a starting position to the ending point. It is also defined with maximal speed of movement and speed control on how one can minimize deceleration. Movement speed requires great strength and power; however, being overweight can trigger air resistance to slow the person down.

Speed Enhancing Tips-There are a variety of ways to work on speed. There a ton of running tracks for training however, one of the best ways to enhance your speed is participating in sprint drills. Sprint drills are perfect for working on speed enhancement it forces one to execute a particular amount of reps with less in between sets.



Hand-Eye Coordination-The ability of the vision system to correlate the information transmitted through the eyes to manage, guide, and administer the hands in the achievement of a given task, such as writing or catching a ball. It utilizes the eyes to administer attention and the hands to complete a task.

Hand-Eye Coordination Building-To enhance your hand-eye coordination you can partake in multiple activities and sports, such as playing catch, learn or touch up on juggling, practice with a tennis ball and play fun video games.



Balance-Provides the capability to keep an upright posture to maintain and stay on top of body movement. The common types are static and dynamic balance. Static balance is managing equal when unable to move. On the other hand, dynamic balance is controlling equilibrium while moving. The eyes, ears and body sense are used to assist with holding balance.

Balance-Building-Core strength plays a major role into your balance and is an effective method to enhance your balance. Be sure to participate in core workouts on a consistent basis. Yoga is another great benefit to help one to enhance their balance, be sure to put this on your exercise list to be executed at least once a week.



Power-Has the ability to bring forth the greatest amount of force by unit or units in a short period of time.

Power Tips-The two most common ways to enhance your power is to participate in Olympic lifts and cleans. They are both great strategies to enhance your power over a period of time. The overpowering movements are the recipes of muscles reacting and executing promptly and are generally required in any fitness workout. You can also try hand push-ups if you have no desire to lift the bar.



Agility-Provides the capability to reduce transition time from one movement strategy to another.

Agility Tips-Enhancing agility can most times be time consuming, however it is a thorough and effective tool to help enhance your agility components. Partaking in consistent drills similar to fitness workouts, will teach your body to promptly change direction and movement methods.


6、Reaction Time

Reaction Time-Is the overall time it takes to initiate a movement once your senses signal the requirement to move.

Reaction Time Enhancement Tips-When it comes to the reaction component there is an extensive amount of strategies one can use to develop or enhance their reaction time. One of the most essential tips is to keep you fit. The other is to work out on a regular basis, which can enhance your strength, balance and ability to help you to move when you are required to.

Be sure to get regular eye checkups at your local eye doctor’s office. Sleep is very important in enhancing your reaction, if one is tired, nine out of ten, they do not have the ability to react in a timely manner due to loss of sleep. Therefore, get a good night rest; this is essential to keeping your brain and body in healthy shape to enable mental and physical alertness that is needed for successful reaction time. Playing games helps with multiple fitness components, you can play games on a computer or on a game console itself, will help to enhance your mental and motor skills.

Specificity keeps you on a specific method that the training requires it to be done. Reversibility reminds of the possibility of losing something if we do not keep up and variance means being open to various training activities, no matter how challenging they are.


Overall, in order to get the best quality from your fitness and training workouts, it is important to follow the necessities, such as overload, specificity and reversibility and variance. Overload prepares one for the hard work to come, meaning one must adhere more stress than usual in order to achieve the changes that push one to their goals.