8 Yummy Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss

Infused Fruit And water

Infused fruit and water recipes are fantastic for you when you wish to begin a cleanse or simply clean up your diet. Drinking water may be quite boring if you are drinking tap water every day, and filtered after will lose its luster after a time. There are eight recipes below, and each of those eight recipes bring you flavor that you cannot deny. This article explains how to create infused water, how to serve it, and how to preserve it.

The Finest Fruit Infused Water Combinations

1: Lemon, Orange, and Mint

Lemon, Orange, and Mint

All infusion recipes must begin with an infusion pitcher or mason jar. You may choose to use an infusion pitcher so that you may pitch the fruits or herbs when you are done, but you must ensure that they are all organic before going into the pitcher. Anything that was grown with a pesticide is not nearly as good for you, and you do not want any laten chemicals swimming in your water.

The lemon, orange, and mint mixture must include at least a whole orange and lemon sliced. These thin slices are dropped into the water or infusion receptacle, and you must add a bit of mint that you massaged before dropping into the water. This particular mixture is quite refreshing, and it is classic for summertime gatherings.

You must clean the infusion receptacle when you are finished making the water, or you must spoon the ingredients from the water before drinking. The infusion wate rmust sit for at least eight hours with the ingredients soaking, and you may water 24 hours for optimal results.

2: Mango, Ginger, and Cucumber

Mango, Ginger, and Cucumber 

Mango, ginger, and cucumber is an island flavor that you may associate with the summer months, and it must be made using fresh ginger. You may purchase an arm of organic ginger from your local supermarket, and you must slice from this arm with a traditional cheese slicer. The cuts of ginger must be thin enough that the essential oils will leak out, and you must Peels the mango before dropping slices or cubes into the mixture.

Slices of cucumber top the mixture, and they offer the refreshing flavor that you were hoping for. There are quite a few people who prefer this mixture over lemon and orange because they enjoy the island connotation of the aroma. You may serve this water at outdoor gathering, or you may use it at home to quench everyone’s thirst.

3: Grape, Raspberry, and Cucumber

Grape, Raspberry, and Cucumber

Grape, raspberry, and cucumber is an interesting combination because you do not often find grape in a recipe such as this. Grape is a delicate flavor when dropped into an infused water, but you taste a hint of it when trying this mixture. Peel your grapes and slice them in half before letting them soak. You may use cucumber slices as before, and raspberries may be whole.

The raspberries will impart a bit of pink color to the mixture, and you may find that adding the cucumber last allows their aroma to shine. Cucumber is the great refresher in this drink, and it may be added at the last minute to make the flavor sit on top of the drink.

4: Pineapples, Pomegranate, and Lemon

Pineapples, Pomegranate, and Lemon 

Pineapples, pomegranate, and lemon is an unusual combination because you are using the pomegranate in a unique way. The pineapples must be sliced into cubes before going in the mixture, and traditional lemon slices are more than enough to create the right flavor. The seeds from the pomegranate must be dropped intot he mixture, or you may burst some of them before they hit the water.

The water will have this amazing pink color, and the pomegranate gives you a tart flavor that is not possible with pineapple or lemon. This is a fantastic infusion drink if you need energy, and it may pick you up halfway through the day.

5: Lemon, Lime, and Green Tea

 Lemon, Lime, and Green Tea 

The green tea for this mixture is any green tea you wish to buy. Leave the tea in the bag so that it may soak for a long period of time, and ensure that you have chosen a green tea that does not have additives. Add an equal amount of lemon and lime slices for the flavor, and allow them to soak for as long as you can. You may choose to add more lime than lemon so that the flavor does not get overpowered, and you must ensure that all seeds are removed if using a mason jar.

6: Ginger, Lemon, and Cucumber

Ginger, Lemon, and Cucumber
Ginger slices, lemon slices, and cucumber slices make this infused water that tastes as if it came from a spa or resort. You may make these drinks for a spa day in the house, or you may make it for yourself when you planned a staycationg. There are quite a few people who prefer this drink because only the ginger flavor is strong, and it cuts through to help you feel much more alive.

7: Pomegranate, Kiwi Fruit, and Cherry

Pomegranate, Kiwi Fruit, and Cherry 
The pomegranate, kiwi, and cucumber water you have chosen is quite interesting because these flavors are all different. Kiwi may get lost in a drink such as this, and it is wise to double the amount of kiwi as compared with cherries or pomegranate. Choose cherries that are already ripe so that you get the sour taste you want, and ensure that you have a few burst pomegranate seeds for flavor.

8: Blueberry, Apple, and Cranberry

Blueberry, Apple, and Cranberry 

Blueberry, apple, and cranberry infused water is unique because these are flavors you often find for regular juices. However, you do not often find them put together. This recipe works when you slice the cranberries and blueberries in half. You need thin slices of apple, and they must all be left overnight. The apple may be overpowered, and it is wise to add much more apple so that you may taste the flavor straight away.

This is a wonderful rink to use with your kids because they love the taste of these fruits, and they will find that it is not all that odd. You may use this infused water on a winter day, and it may take you through the fall when cranberries are at their best and blueberries just went out of season.


Weight loss is much simpler when you have turned to infused fruit water. You may lose belly fat naturally, and you may discover that your body responds well to these waters. They taste fantastic, and they are quite simple to make. Try all these at least once before deciding on your favorite to drink every day.